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Interviewing Dos and Don'ts

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18 tips to keep in mind as you prepare you an interview. You only get one chance to make a great first impression! Write these on your mirror, tape them to your fridge; do whatever it takes to remember these gems and you will have a great interview - every time!
DO research the organization: history, size, products/services, market/customers, financial outlook
* DON'T ask the interviewer to tell you about the company
DO find out about the culture including appropriate attire, community involvement, mission statement, etc.
* DON'T show up to a bank dressed for a BBQ and likewise don't show up to a dental office dressed for a funeral
DO bring along a copy of your resume, list of references, paper and pen
* DON'T have your cell phone on, your Bluetooth on or bring anyone else with you
DO practice answering interview questions. Visit and search on "interviewing" for a great number of articles and sample questions
* DON'T answer questions with questions except to clarify. For instance, if the interviewer asks what your 5 year goal is, DON'T answer with "why do you want to know?", but feel free to ask if they are interested in knowing your personal 5 year goal as well as your professional one
DO know yourself. Know your skills, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, work ethic, professional goals and what you have to offer an employer. Take the time to write them down and review them daily.
* DON'T expect potential employers to glean all of your skills and traits from your resume
DO know your limits relating to commute, salary and office hours
* DON'T mislead an interviewer for a job you are not willing to perform
DO expect the unexpected and be ready to roll with the punches
* DON'T act offended or insulted if the interview schedule is not maintained or if there are multiple changes during the course of your interview (unless you have decided you do not want the position in any case)
DO eat a good meal prior to interviews so that your body can focus on the most important thing: staying sharp
* DON'T go to an interview hungry or tired if you can help it DO remember to smile, make eye contact and try very hard to remember the names of your interviewers (write them down; ask for their names again if you didn't catch it the first time)
* DON'T expect the interviewer(s) to have read your resume recently or remember what it says
DO keep in mind that interviewing is a lot like dating; patience, compassion, understanding and boundaries are all required in this setting.
DO have a great interview!

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