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How to Get Hired - Use These Job Interview Strategies

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How do I know these job interview strategies really work? Simple, I have been conducting job interviews for more years than I care to count, and have talked with other interviewers to compare experiences. I am also a business owner, so I interview from the viewpoint of being the top boss.

You only have a few moments to make a great first impression. And since only 7% of communication consists of the actual words spoken, the rest must be body language and appearance. It is how you look, what you do, and what you say during the first 30 to 40 seconds of a job interview that will most impress the interviewer - or perhaps most "un-impress" the interviewer. First impression is most important.

If the interviewer is a Human Resources employee, or if the interviewer is a manager or office manager, the interviewer will be looking at you from the viewpoint of, "Can this person do the job, get along with others without rocking the boat, and make me look good because I hired the correct person for the job?"

If the owner of the business is conducting the interview, the owner is looking at you from the viewpoint of, "Can this person do the job, not steal from the business, get along with other employees, please my customers, and help me have the time to increase my business?"

There are the obvious three ways to make a great impression:
1. well dressed for the type of job,
2. friendly smile, and handshake greeting, while making good eye contact
3. open, attentive body language -- not folding your arms -- or slouching in the chair.
And there are the Not So Obvious three:
1. making yourself stand out above all other job applicants
2. getting the interview involved in ways you will help the company
3. making the interviewer feel good about hiring you
At the end of the interview you keep control by asking a simple question like, "What is the next step? Where do we go from here? What are you looking for from me? How can we follow up on this?"
But here is the clincher: You must call to follow up on the interview. You may need to follow up several times. Not doing so is how people fail to find a job fast.

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