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How to Do Proper Body Language During Job Interview

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The success in attending job interview depends on many things. Apart from your skill and ability, you should also prepare other details such as outfit, and manner. To present proper manner, here are some tips you can follow.

1. Outfit
For men and women, two-piece suit can never be wrong. Avoid wearing jeans as it makes you appear less professional. Even if the working condition is not formal, wearing suit shows your respect towards the company. The outfit you wear should also be clean and neat with less distracting choice of color and fabric.

2. Handshake
A good handshake is dry and firm, with your right palm facing left (not facing upward or downward). Make full contact between your and the interviewer's palm for about two or three seconds. During the handshake you should also maintain eye contact, exchange introduction and greeting, and smile to your interviewer.

3. Posture
Whether standing or sitting, you should maintain good posture. Do not slouch and keep your back always up straight. If you sit, never rest your back on the chair as you will be considered lazy. During standing conversation always maintain personal distance between you and your interviewer but do not stand too far as well.

4. Eye contact
Maintaining eye contact during the conversation is important so that you appear focused on the interview. Shifting your view around the room indicates that you are bored and lacking enthusiasm. However, do not gaze.

5. Facial expression
Appear as relaxed as possible but still maintain your seriousness. Keep smiling appropriately so that you seem friendly.

6. Arms and hands movement
Putting your hands across your chest or inside your pants' pockets is unnecessary as it makes you seem distant and unenthusiastic. If you don't know where to put your hands, putting them on your laps is most safe. Some people have the tendency to move their hands during talking. It can be your plus as you will appear energetic, but make sure to control your hands movement so that you won't make any offensive gesture.

7. Non-Acceptable Gestures
Apart from the points above, there are some gestures people do (whether realized or not) that are not suitable during a job interview. Body languages you should avoid during the event among others are fidgeting, biting nails, playing with hair, scratching, touching the face, adjusting clothes, picking nose, and other bad habits.

Proper body language is important to give good impression throughout your job interview. Always remember to control your overall gestures to get the job you are dreaming of.

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