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Hiring the Right Person With Cost-Cutting Job Interview Strategies!

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When employers conduct a job interview, they're doing way more that just trying to find the right person for the job. When interviews are conducted effectively, they can cut costs associated with recruitment, hiring, training and turnover while allowing you to build a positive brand and reputation. The following strategies will help an employer minimize costs and get the most of this crucial step in the hiring process.

The ROI of Realistic Job Previews:
The hiring process is expensive! Costs associated with advertising, reference checking, fingerprinting, typing offer letters, orienting and training staff are just some of the more direct costs involved. One can employ some strategies during the interview process can increase the chance that you make the right hiring decisions so that your limited resources aren't wasted! One of these strategies is to give candidates realistic previews of the job, instead of keeping information away from the candidate, for fear that you will scare them away!
Failing to give a realistic job preview may lead the candidate to feeling like they were manipulated into the position. According to studies, high employee turnover in the first year of employment is often because the employee's expectations of the job doesn't match their actual experience on the job. Give realistic job previews, review the job description with the candidate and let them know the good, the bad and the ugliness of the job! This will help minimize future hiring and turnover costs.

The Interview Can Help or Hurt Your Brand:
Studies have found that a candidate's experience during an interview for employment can have a beneficial or deleterious effect on the company's brand. If a candidate is interviewed by people who are rude, who ask illegal questions, or who don't understand the position well enough to answer relevant questions, the candidate remembers that interview for about 6.28 years and tells at least about 17 people! That number is exponential when people have access to social networking via the computer. Candidates who have a good interview experience with a company remember that experience for about 5.27 years. According to a study by Wendy Tarzian for the Strategic HR Review, over 90% of those who recalled a negative experience during an interview recalled the company's name. Never underestimate how the interview process can brand your organization for better or for worse!

The following strategies will help your organization develop a positive brand during the interview process:
1.Train interviewers to ask legal and appropriate questions during an interview.

2. Develop behavior-based questions that reinforce the organization's culture and allow the employer to get useful information for assessing the candidate. These questions allow employers to identify how candidates have behaved in past situations and what the candidate may have learned from their experiences. These questions are useful in assessing "soft" people skills. Questions should be specific to the employer's organization and the job the person is applying for.

3. Interviewers should be prepared to give realistic previews of the job and have knowledge of benefits and an updated list of job responsibilities.

4. Train the interviewers on "interview etiquette"! Not only are they interviewing the candidate, but they need to remember that the candidate is interviewing them and the organization as well! The more comfortable a candidate feels, the more likely they will give the interviewer information that allows them to assess whether the person will be a good fit for the organization.

These strategies for conducting job interviews will help your organization earn a positive reputation that will attract future employees! When interviews are done effectively, costs associated with hiring and turnover are minimized and the right people are hired. Never underestimate the value of this crucial first step in the hiring process!

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