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Dress Yourself for an Interview

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Men's interview dressing style has not changed for years. Actually it doesn't even matter if you apply for a top or a starter's position. The only thing is: those who are just going to enter a company don't have much to dress up. Clear enough, that a recent graduate, going through the 2nd and 3rd interview can change shirts, but gave the same jacket on all the times. On the other hand, the one striving for a senior position, will have different ones.
What are the rules of interview fashion? Learn how to present yourself in a perfect way.

Competing for a high position will require at least 2 smart suits. Dark gray and blue ones tend to do the best, they will speak of you as of a serious and determined person.
You'd better not choose double-breasted suits. A single-breasted two- or three-button one is a classic variant. Avoid summer fabrics for winter and vice versa. No need to say, all your clothes must be clean and well-cut.
Remember, although having a black and a tan suit are basic and great for any wardrobe, none of them will help you at an interview, unless you're applying for a stylist's or TV broadcaster's position.
Avoid too casual clothes. At the same time, blazers and clacks are nice for those who are not supposed to wear suits (e.g.: college teachers). Traditional interview dressing variant is: a navy blazer, gray dress pants, a shirt, maybe slightly striped, and a tie of some quiet color. Colors may vary, but the principle is the same.

Although light blue shirt is okay, a white one is the best. Avoid French cuffs and wide English spreads. A 100 % shirt will give you the best feeling.
A greatly important part of your look is a tie. People do pay attention to ties at first glance. No freaking bright colors and bow ties, choose something traditional like dotted or slightly striped ones. And try not to go too far with jewelery.
As for shoes, black lace-up shoes wins hands down comparing to loafers or top-siders. And make sure that your socks are long enough, so that no one sees your ankles when you sit with your legs crossed.
The way you look definitely says a lot about you. Are you well shaven? Is your hair combed? Are your nails clean and neat? Every bit of your look adds much to the employer's impression on you.

No harm in asking
If it is not quite clear what exactly to wear, you can ask the HR while settling down the time for an interview. Inquire if there is any dress code and what is expected of you. Even if the response will be «business casual», you risk being dressed less formally than the interviewer. And this would automatically reduce your chances. In this case, classic style will definitely bring you security.


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