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Common Phone Interview Questions

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It is undeniable that most of us do not prepare for a phone job interview. Most of the time phone interviews are unexpected and the job seeker may be caught off guard by the sudden phone call. However, savvy job seekers know the importance of a phone interview and they can prepare answers for the typical interview questions. A phone interview is usually used as an initial screening and passing the first screening will increase your probability to get the job. So, as a savvy job seeker, here are some of the common phone interview questions you need to prepare for

Tell me about yourself. Like most questions, this sounds simple and seems to not need preparation. However, this type of interview questions is very crucial. It exhibits your personality, intellectual capacity and even your relevance to the job you are applying for. Interview questions are used to verify your qualifications and your answers to these job interview questions determine your capacity to do the job.

What made you apply for the position? Everyone cannot blame the hiring managers from questioning this type of interview questions. Typically, the aim of these questions is to verify your interest for the job or for the company. And telling a hiring manager that you are desperate for a job is not a good idea.

What is your biggest weakness? This is one of the questions that will frustrate any job seekers. Of course, everyone has a weakness but turning this weakness into a positive one will demonstrate your capability to overcome any trials and weaknesses.

What attracted you to this company? Even people who are in love have reasons why they like someone. This question will show your enthusiasm and interest. To tap this interview question, you need to do more research than you would expect. If possible, know the ups and downs of the company and some of the high-ranking people working in it.

What is the most important thing you are looking for in a company or job? Apparently, all of us want a high paying job. However, this is not the best answer for this interview question even though you are honest about it. This type of job interview questions will try to verify your appropriateness for the job. This implies that you also need to do some researching.

What are your hobbies? Unlike some of the phone interview questions, this encourages honesty. The question will tell something about yourself and how active your life is. And based on your job interview answer, the interviewer can determine how motivated you are.
What qualities should a boss have? How you answer the interview questions will reflect your personality and qualities. And answering this question will reflect your readiness and maturity. Generally, you are expected to highlight qualities of a professional boss.

Tell me why we should hire you? This question is a bit difficult to answer. However, if you know your unique personal qualities and motivation, you can answer this successful.
How do you see yourself in five years? Obviously, your answer will determine how motivated and sophisticated you are. It also reflects your maturity and your goal in life. Typically, people with goals are more likely to get a job.

What is the most significant accomplishment you have in the past? The accomplishment you choose as the most significant will reflect how much attention you pay into details. These questions demand you to reflect further of your past experience and hence you need preparation to conquer them.

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